Pilates Training

Our Mission

Our objective is to prepare our graduates to deliver the highest and most professional standard of Pilates training to their clients. We focus not only on teaching the Pilates repertoire, but also on developing a deeper understanding of the body's anatomy and biomechanics, in order to effectively program individualized sessions based on clients' specific anatomy, movement patterns and personal goals.

Our Goals

We aim to expand the understanding of the Pilates Method from the basis of muscular participation, joint function, and the internal/external forces acting within and on the body. We also intend to develop more continuing education programs - both for our graduates and for Pilates instructors in the US and abroad - by enhancing our online portal of on-demand content (www.naturalpilatestv.com) with comprehensive distance-learning programs of our educational offerings.

Natural Pilates intensive training

The inspiration for and basis of our Teacher Training Program is the human body. From the perspective of anatomy, muscular function and joint motion, we teach our students the Pilates repertoire and how it can be adapted for clients' individual bodies, needs and goals. Our program is 450 hours and is divided into two parts: Intensive and Advanced.

Our Intensive Training covers the traditional choreography and basic principles created by Joseph Pilates, but we use the human anatomy as the point of departure, and we group exercises into series based on muscular function and joint motion. This approach means that we do not always follow Pilates' prescribed exercise order, spring tension or number of repetitions. Instead, we focus on observing the body in front of us and designing a workout that best serves that particular body.

Through the lens of anatomy and an understanding of the various forces acting both within and on the body, students learn not only the Pilates repertoire, but also gain the knowledge of how to adjust that choreography to truly tailor workouts to meet the individual needs and goals of their clients. We also go over the concepts of mobility, stability, flexibility and balance. For every exercise, we discuss the joints involved and the muscular participation based on external forces that act on the body. Students will learn how to modify each exercise for everybody (and "every body"), from beginner to advanced. The basic Pilates principles of control, awareness and breathing will also be demonstrated in every exercise so that our students (and their future clients) can deepen the mind-body connection.

Our Intensive Training also aims to help students understand how to assess clients both passively and actively, and then to create an appropriate program based on these assessments. We discuss the importance of individual client progression and consider the threshold of muscle fatigue and adjusting the resistance profile as ways to decrease or increase the difficulty level to best suit this progression. Another hallmark of Natural Pilates' approach to teacher training is our focus on hands-on cueing. Appropriate tactile cues will be discussed for every exercise, but sensitivity to touch will be respected.

certification class
Our Intensive Training Program is a combination of lecture, self-study, and supervised practice-teaching and physical review. It is 405 hours and consists of five modules:

Intensive program:

Natural Pilates Advanced training

focuses on deepening the understanding of joint mechanics, muscle function and how we can challenge the body through more awareness and modifying basic choreography. The curriculum is split into anatomical categories - Lower Body, Upper Body, Trunk & Spine - which gives us the opportunity to explore these areas and the corresponding concepts of tightness/weakness, strength/flexibly and muscle contractile abilities.

We prepare students to understand and observe bone structures and their restrictions. We consider joint mechanics, as well as the forces acting on each joint in different postures, sports and activities. In this way, we hope to teach our students to train in a less subjective manner. A key difference of our approach is that we do not follow a designed program of exercises that need to look the same for everyone, as no two people are alike nor have the same alignment. Instead, we aim to teach from the perspective of the understanding of the body, individual client progression, and the threshold of muscle fatigue and/or resistance. From this basis, we impart to our students the knowledge of how to teach and modify the Pilates repertoire based on the needs and goals of each individual client. This understanding provides the necessary framework to help us train special populations, which are also covered in this module.

No applicant will be denied on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.
Completion of the program does not guarantee employment or certification.

Our Advanced Training is 50% lecture and 50% practical. It is a 45-hour course consisting of three modules.